Tips To Help You Overcome Negative Self-Talk

Negative self-talk is a common practice where a person repeatedly engages in negative thoughts about themselves. Given that the National Science Foundation found that 95% of our thoughts are repetitive, reengineering our thought process can greatly assist us to become more positive. Here are some tips to help you make negative self-talk a thing of the past.

Offset The Negative With The Positive

Pay attention to your thoughts and whenever you catch yourself being pessimistic, offset that thought process with optimism. “Find opportunities throughout your day to notice one or two things you’ve done well,” therapist Natalie Moore recommended.

Acknowledge The Criticism

The moment you acknowledge your self-criticism, you can also understand that this inner critic is here to help. Show gratitude to your inner thoughts and set out to make a positive change to address the flaw that you’ve internally recognized.

Reach Out To Supportive People

It’s imperative to know that just because you’re fighting an internal battle does not mean you have to do it alone. “Surround yourself with family, friends, colleagues, or a partner who see the good in you and regularly point out what they love about you,” Natalie explained.

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