Three Snacks To Serve Before Dinner

If you’re hosting a dinner party, you want guests to feel excited for the main course. However, you don’t want anyone going hungry, so it’s a good idea to serve up some snacks before the meal is ready. Here are three suggestions of snacks which always go down well with guests, and they have the added bonus of being low prep for you.

Chips And Hummus

Opt for slightly plainer chips, salted tortillas can work well. Arrange these on a plate and provide guests with a generous pot of hummus (store bought or homemade) to dip the chips into.

Roasted Nuts

Roasted and salted nuts are a great option, as long as you know that none of your guests have an allergy. Arrange in a small bowl, and let guests help themselves whilst you carry on with preparations for the meal.


Providing a platter of olives will always go down well, especially if you opt for higher quality fresh olives rather than those stored in brine. Some pickled garlic is a great accompaniment, and gherkins are always popular, too.

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