Three Scents To Use In Your Home

One of the quickest and easiest ways to make your home feel warm and welcoming to guests is to ensure that it smells fresh and beautiful. Whilst air fresheners are still an option, tastes have changed and nowadays there are some beautiful incense and scented candles to infuse your rooms with gorgeous scent. You can even buy a bar of quality soap and leave it out to scent the room. Check out three modern scents which will work wonderfully in your home.

Olive Oil And Orange

The bitter, creamy smell of olive oil works wonderfully with the bright, zesty scent of orange. Whether you buy some incense, a candle or a handmade soap, this will work wonderfully in a hallway or porch, so that it’s the first scent guests notice on entering your home.

Sea Salt And Rose

The heady, sweet scent of rose is balanced with the mineralogy of sea salt, creating a gorgeous combination. A diffuser set up in the living room or dining room will make guests feel relaxed and welcome in your space.


Lavender is a classic smell to use near bedtimes, as it is known for its relaxing, calming properties. Prepare your guests rooms with a lavender scented candle, so that they can drop off to sleep easily and wake feeling calm and refreshed.

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