Three Reasons To Try A Digital Detox

You may have heard the term ‘digital detox’ a lot towards the end of 2023, as more and more people tried it out for themselves. A digital detox can vary between individuals, but generally it refers to limiting or cancelling screen time, including time scrolling on social media on your phone. The idea is to replace the time you would have spent doing this with something beneficial for your mental health – some mindfulness, a creative craft or a hobby. Here, check out three reasons why a digital detox is a great way to start off 2024.

Improve Your Sleep

Experts have been advising us to limit screen time before bed for ages now, and there is increasing evidence that the blue light emitted from phones and other devices can interrupt natural circadian rhythms. By undertaking a digital detox, you should sleep better, and enjoy that hour before bed spent doing a relaxing craft or reading.

Improve Your Social Interactions

Many people find that a digital detox helps them to reconnect with friends in the real world, as they press pause on mindless scrolling and prioritize face to face meet ups. Whilst some online friendships can be deep and meaningful, all too often social media can leave us feeling isolated and worse off than before we started looking at the app.

Reclaim Some Time

For most of us, phones and other devices can represent lost time. Even if checking out nostalgic YouTube videos or checking in on high school friends via Facebook is fun, when you have a detox from these sites you can reclaim an amazing amount of time. Put this time to good use – try some yoga, start learning that language, or get stuck into your to-be-read pile.

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