Three Light Shades to Change Up the Vibes in Your Space

Lighting can have a huge impact on the way a space looks and feels, and buying a new shade can be a simple and cheap change if you want to mix up your decor without spending loads. Check out these on-trend light shade options, each of which can help you adjust the mood in a room.


Rattan shades have been all the rage this year, for good reason. When paired with a yellow-toned filament bulb, rattan shades can help to cast a creamy, warm light. The structured shades also cast interested light patterns, and are pretty yet unobtrusive, meaning they match perfectly with a more minimalist style but can also work as a quieter statement piece in a loud, maximalist room.

Industrial Enamel

These industrial enamel light shades have also proven very popular. The blocks of color look great set against a clean background, and the solid shades mean these cast a spotlight of light, rather than diffusing it around the room. If you’re not ready to commit to this look for your main shade, try a small lamp in the corner to give yourself lighting options.

Crystal Shade

A crystal light shade can create some stunning light patterns and colors in your room, and it’s also a great way to add a little sophistication to your space. Rather than opting for a full blown chandelier, try a simple small shade to bring some gorgeous light to your room.

Light shades are a fun and simple way to change the mood and look of your room, so invest in one of these on trend styles today.

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