Three Interior Decor Colors That Will Be Perfect For Spring ’24

Although we’re currently in the depths of winter, spring will be with us sooner than we think. With the changing of the season comes a desire to change up our interior spaces, and one simple way to do this is to play around with color. Whether you’re intending to repaint whole walls, or simply want a new throw in a spring-friendly tone, here are three colors which will be big come springtime.

Blush Pink

Variations on pale pink have been big news for a while now, and arguably peaked during the release of the Barbie movie in cinemas in summer 2023. However, this rosy, golden toned pink is perfect for welcoming in a new, gentler season, and it can look fabulous on walls when combined with tasteful, minimalist furniture.

Eggyolk Yellow

A beautifully rich yellow can work wonders when it comes to brightening and warming up your rooms. Whilst this tone can be tricky to work with in large quantities, adding yellow drapes or a few buttercup toned cushions can be a lovely way to include this gorgeous tone in your home.

Scarlet Show

Red—bright, bold scarlet red—will be seriously big news this year, from pop to fashion to beauty. Our homes are not going to escape the influence of this bold hue, and if you want to make a statement there are worse ways to do it than by paining an entire wall pillar box red. If you’re not quite feeling red on the walls, why not try a red couch, or a stunning red rug to beautify your floor?

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