Three House Plants to Try in 2024

House plants are a great way to bring a little nature inside. There are proven health benefits to having plants in your living space, and they also offer a relatively cheap and easy way to decorate. If you’re unsure about which plants to choose, and feel nervous about caring for them, the plants suggested here will look great and are easy to care for.

String Of Pearls

This pretty plant is well named, as its long tendrils look like strings of pearls. Be warned that it can grow incredibly long, so you will either need to prune it or keep it at the top of a tall bookcase so that it can hang down. It needs light (but not full sunlight) and watering once or twice a week to keep it happy.

Aloe Vera

These desert-based plants can make a real style statement in your home. They grow quite slowly, but can reach an immense size, so will look great as the centerpiece of a table or positioned in the middle of a bookcase. They need to be kept in the light and watered once every nine to ten days.


Begonia are hardy plants that need minimal care, but they offer a stunning variety of colors and shades in their leaves. Some are tinted silver, others have a mix of purple and rose gold. They don’t want to be kept in direct sunlight, and need watering around once a week. These look great paired with pale green-leaved plants such as spider plants.

House plants are an easy yet fun way to bring some nature inside and to decorate your living space, so invest in one of these easy-to-look-after plants for 2024.

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