Three Heated Clothing Items To Try If You’re Always Cold

If you’re working from home this winter, you may find yourself turning the heating on more than you’d like. Financial experts advise us to ‘heat the human, not the home’, and one great way of doing this is by investing in clothing items which produce heat. This can allow you to target the heat (great news if you’re someone whose feet and hands are always freezing), and if you’re getting too warm the poncho, dressing gown or gloves simply need to be switched off and set aside. Check out these heated clothing items, all of which are much cheaper to run than your central heating.

Heated Poncho

The heated poncho is ideal if you need your hands free to type on a laptop. Providing a great boost of warmth to your core, most people find that half an hour of wearing the heated poncho on a medium to high setting will keep them warm for the next few hours. Easy to use and lightweight (so you can store it easily come summer), the heated poncho is a popular choice.

Heated Gloves

Available in full or fingerless versions, heated gloves are the answer to your prayers if you’re constantly suffering from chilled, numb fingers. Generally, heated gloves are very quick working, so you can enjoy warm hands in as little as ten minutes.

Heated Throw

Whilst not technically a clothing item, heated throws are amongst the most popular heated products to use in the home because they cover the entire body and are quick working too. Ideal if you fancy a film night without turning the heating on, these can be bought in a range of sizes and thicknesses, so there’s one to suit all the family.

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