Three Films to Watch Out For This January

In the post-Christmas period, the month of January can be a difficult time as the cold and darkness lingers on without a holiday to look forward to. However, January is also known for having lots of good-quality film releases. Here are three films to watch out for this January.

Night Swim

If you’re a fan of your horror films, look no further than Night Swim. It’s released in early January and is made by the same production company that made Insidious and M3GAN. It will have plenty of scares as well as lighter moments as it follows a family who are tormented by a dark spirit who resides in their swimming pool.

Poor Things

Poor Things is released in mid-January and is an absurd period drama starring Emma Stone and Mark Ruffalo. The concept for the film is an interesting take on the story of Frankenstein, and it adds a series of twists to the romantic comedy genre. It will be a cozy and uplifting film to watch this January.

Mean Girls

This is a hotly anticipated remake of the 2004 comedy ‘Mean Girls’. Starring Angourie Rice, it will offer a fresh take on the high-school drama and politics of the classic. It is based on the Broadway Musical of the original film, so expect more musical dramatics than the original. It could be divisive, but if you’re a fan of the origional, it’s definitely worth a watch!

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