This Exfoliating Mask is Chemical Free

Youthful and dewy skin is definitely a feature that most women strive for. From children being taught to wash their faces at night to teenagers who are told about the necessary of cleaning off their makeup before they go to sleep overnight, the process of skincare has been weaved into young women’ lives from very early on.


The cosmetic market has realized this, and has capitalized on young women who want to retain their youthful glowing skin and avoid wrinkles as they age. Many skin care lines include soups, creams, bars, masks, and scrubs that all promise to leave your skin healthier and more beautiful than before.


Unfortunately, many of these products contain chemicals that may be harmful to not only your skin, but to your everyday health as well. It is important to read labels of the different cosmetic products that you are purchasing in order to be aware of what exactly you are putting onto your skin.


OY-L’s is a luxury skincare brand looking to create nice products without all of the chemicals used by other brands.


They have released an exfoliating mask with a chemical- free formula called the Manuka Mask. This is a honey based mask and contains hemp seed oils, wild Abyssinian oil, rose hips, lavender buds, willow bark extract, the seeds of blueberries and cranberries, and frankincense oil.


Individuals are recommended to apply the mask by massaging it onto their faces in a circular motion and leave it on for 20 minutes, until you rinse it off with cool water for best results.

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