These Famous Women Admit to Using Fillers

To fill, or not to fill? This is a question asked by many a woman in this day and age (pun intended). To be honest, any cosmetic procedure is essentially a matter of personal choice and feeling, and no one (not even a professional) can tell you that you need it. While natural beauty is a timeless winner, if you do decide to opt for dermal fillers, you’re in good company with these glamorous celebs.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica isn’t letting time mess with her cheekbone curves. Despite the inevitable journey of aging, she’s keeping it fresh with a little help from hyaluronic acid. Love it or not, there’s a lot to be said about both taking care of yourself and being open about it. Go, Sarah.

Katy Perry

Our favorite pop sensation has also been upfront about getting filler injections under her eyes to reduce dark circles. Baby, you’re a firework! Thanks for being so honest and informing us all that a perfect-looking face often requires some outside work.

Kylie Jenner

The youngest of the bunch, this Kardashian family member has also been kind and human enough to tell people about her insecurity about her lips, prompting her to fill them several times. Your fans appreciate your realness, Kylie.

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