The Pros and Cons of the Whole30 Diet

You might have heard about Whole30 diet. It is a 30 days program to cut out all the unhealthy habits of your life. It’s a method to help the body recover from systematic damage. The main idea is to remove sugar, dairy and legumes. So the idea is to purify your body from bad food habits.

What are the pros? You start eating more healthy, your stress level decreases and make you feel better physically and psychologically.

However, there are some cons: the program is not a weight-loss method, it’s a learning experience. So it won’t give you the perfect body you’re dreaming of, it will just put you on the right track to feel and be more healthy. It is based on the idea that you have to figure out how your body reacts to avoiding certain foods. It’s not the lose 7 pounds in 30 days kind of diet.

Another thing to consider is that this program is very hard. You need to be sure that it is what you want because you will have to survive without many of the foods and drinks that you like to have every day. If you’re still convinced after reading the Pros and Cons, don’t wait a day more and just start the program.. you won’t regret it!

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