The Fight Against Back Acne: 7 Ways to Get Rid of Bacne

Zits is perhaps the most irritating skin problems that you can deal with, no matter where they are breaking out. To banish acne once and for all, use the 7 best techniques – techniques that have been proven to work.

The Causes of Bacne

Bacne is an abbreviation for back acne. The reality is that blemishes can appear all over your body, not just on your face, according to cosmetic dermatologist Dendy Engelman. There are several factors that are linked to acne outbreaks on you back. Clogged pores may be the result of various hair products that are sliding down on your back when you take a shower. Also, not taking a shower after you hit the gym is another cause for a back acne outbreak. The good news that you can use the same products you use for your face to fight acne. Here are the 7 tried and tested methods.

The Fight Against Back Acne: 7 Ways to Get Rid of Bacne

Use Acne-Fighting Products

You can keep your back just as clean as your face by using the same products. It’s simple: just use a product based on salicylic acid to kill bacteria and then wash with solutions containing alpha hydroxy acid and beta hydroxy acid to remove dead skin cells that are prone to clog the pores. As a bonus, make effective use of glycolic acid pads to clean more dead skin cells and promote cell growth.

Use Soap That Clears Pores

It’s very easy to get your pores clogged and experience yet another bacne outbreak. However, a very effective method is to use pore-cleaning soap. It comes in both bar- and liquid-form and it can eliminate everything from dirt and sweat to oil and bacteria. Charcoal soap bars are especially effective at unplugging pores.

The Fight Against Back Acne: 7 Ways to Get Rid of Bacne

Sensitive Skin? Use Gentle Cleansers!

Your skin may not appreciate alpha hydroxyl acid and beta hydroxyl acid or the mildly-corrosive benzoyl peroxide. However, there are cleansers based on fruit extracts that are more than capable of cleansing your back of dead skin, dirt, oil, and sweat. Some products also contain oat protein that soothes irritated skin.

Always Wash Your Back After Washing Your Hair

Shampoo and conditioner will slide down your neck on your back while you wash your hair. To prevent a bacne outbreak, wash your back thoroughly after you are finished washing your hair. A cleanser based on benzoyl peroxide will quickly rid you of all the shampoo and conditioner leftover chemicals.

Keep Your Skin Clean at All Times

Most people take a shower after the gym and that’s it. Why not use an oil-free wipe to clean bacteria before your workout? After you work out, use a medicated swipe (it usually contains salicylic acid) to prevent the sweat, dirt, and oil from causing an acne breakout before you get the chance to shower.

The Fight Against Back Acne: 7 Ways to Get Rid of Bacne

Use a Cleansing Spray

Yes, bacne is pretty difficult to reach. This is why you may get better results by using a spray instead of the medicated wipes. The mist containing salicylic acid and retinol will reach your entire back area and will keep acne at bay until you can take a shower.

Discuss It With Your Dermatologist

If you’ve tried some or all of these techniques and you don’t see any results, it’s time to talk to your dermatologist. A doctor can prescribe formulas and products that are stronger than off the shelf products. Also, the dermatologist will recommend the precise formulas that work best for you.


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