The Essential Sensitive Skin Routine

For those of us with sensitive skin, less really is more. Forget all about those nine-step routines, you want to strip back your skincare to the bare essentials, so that there is less risk of any products irritating your skin. Check out the three essential products which you need in your sensitive skin arsenal, to keep your skin hydrated, smooth and happy.

Cream Based Cleanser

It’s really important to track down a fragrance free cream based cleanser, preferably one with added ceramides to boost your skin barrier. Use warm, not hot, water, lather the cleanser into your skin and keep massaging for up to a minute. Rinse well, and pat (don’t scrub!) skin dry with a soft towel.

Simple Moisturizer

Too many moisturizers contain shockingly long ingredients lists—what you need is a super simple, fragrance free moisturizer which will hydrate your skin without clogging it. It’s worth asking to test a few options at higher end beauty counters—explain that your skin is very sensitive, and most beauticians should understand and provide you with samples.

Replenishing Night Cream

Overnight is when our skin is at its busiest, repairing and replenishing itself for the next busy day ahead. If your skin is sensitive, you don’t want to overload it with a super heavy night cream, or use something with too high a concentration of potential irritants such as retinol. However, you will want to find a sensitive-skin friendly hydrating night cream, to boost any repairs which need to happen and further strengthen that skin barrier.

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