The Best Ways to Match Your Nails To Your Lip Color

As we enter a new season, many of us are looking to make bolder beauty statements. One simple way to do this is to match your lip color with the shade on your nails. Keep it chic and classic, with a rich burgundy on both, or go for an unexpected look with aquamarine on your nail tips and lips.


A classic for a reason, matching your dark red lips to your nails will look stunning and sophisticated. Add a layer of topcoat to make your nails really shine, and don’t forget a clear gloss to give a lacquer effect on the lips.


A bold and beautiful statement, opting for a scarlet shade on your lips and nails will give a sense of old Hollywood glamor. Keep the lips matte by brushing over some translucent powder, this will also help to set the color.

Peach Tones

A softer look involves choosing a peach tone for your lips and nails. This can look quite natural, although if you add a lipgloss and top coat the sheen will be quite spectacular.

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