The Best Crazy Nail Art

Crazy and outlandish fashion trends appear to be emerging everywhere. From the runways to the Instagram feeds, society has fully embraced new and fantastical fashion trends. From sewing feathers into your hair to putting jewels and glitter on your face, different trends have been emerging that people who love any sort of sparkle and shine have become easily obsessed with.

The Best Crazy Nail Art

A new trend that has emerged in recent years is the crazy cool and extravagant nail designs that celebrities and everyday women alike are exploring. In the past, a few jewels on long acrylic nails painted with a bright color and a swirl design were all the rage for women who wanted their nails to be a little something extra. However, now, this trend of bejeweling nails has become much more than that.

The Best Crazy Nail Art

Nail artists have become extremely creative and have begun to offer services where a woman can have 3D nail designs with metals, crystals, and other materials. Celebrities such as Cardi B are pioneering this trend and making it gain traction among those who have an affinity for new and cool, celebrity endorsed trends.

The Best Crazy Nail Art

This type of nail art can be pretty pricey and depending on exactly how much bling you are willing to get, you will probably have to pay significantly more than you would for a normal manicure. Many nail artists pride themselves on the unique designs that they are able to create with the artistic freedom to completely bling out a customer’s nails.

There are a bunch of Instagram pages as well where you can explore some of these interesting designs and figure out for yourself whether you like them or not.

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