The 1 Thing You Should Always Bring to the Nail Salon

When you go to the nail salon, there’s something you always have to bring with you. Don’t forget to bring your own topcoat and choose a good one. Why is it so important? Nails salons don’t typically invest in good topcoats.

The 1 Thing You Should Always Bring to the Nail Salon

The result is that your nail polish lasts less time than it would with a good topcoat. How do you choose a good top coat? Here is what NYC nail artists Miss Pop Nails says: “As a nail artist, I prefer a top coat that’s thick or ‘gel’-like because then it is easier to float, which means keeping the brush hairs away from directly stroking and potentially dragging any wet polish, but some topcoats, no matter how much you try to float them or let your polish dry, will still cause streaking because of the solvents.

The 1 Thing You Should Always Bring to the Nail Salon

It can be such a bummer to paint detailed line work only to have your topcoat muddy the design.” It’s really important then to invest in a good top coat, it is a small price to pay for having your manicure last longer. 

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