Spring Dinner Ideas to Welcome in The New Season

With the spring fast approaching and the weather starting to get warmer, the time has come to celebrate the season of rebirth with some scrumptious new meals. Here are some spring dinner ideas to get the new season off to a bright start.

Spring Minestrone

Packed with pasta, cheese, green beans, basil, and celery, this minestrone will provide you with all the carbohydrates and vegetables you need along with a scrumptious taste. If you have a big appetite, then this filling dish will be sure to keep you satisfied.

Parsley-Garlic Salmon

If you enjoy scrumptious salmon, then this dish filled with parsley and garlic marinade is sure to tickle your tastebuds. This omega 3-packed meal is filled with Dijon mustard and Worcestershire sauce, making for an intriguing recipe.

Shrimp and Artichoke Scampi

Keeping in line with the seafood theme, this shrimp and artichoke scampi is packed with diverse textures and flavors. This pasta dish is particularly enjoyable with a glass of white wine, particularly a pinot gris or sauvignon blanc.

Halloumi Salad

While fried halloumi is certainly delicious, the green vegetables included in this salad will ensure that you don’t compromise on nutrition as you tuck into this delectable meal. What makes this salad particularly appealing is that it’s easy to serve if you’re planning on hosting guests anytime soon.

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