Spend Less Time on Social Media in Five Short Steps

There’s something truly addictive about social media, and many people spend countless hours scrolling through Instagram and TikTok these days. If you happen to be one of them and want to put an end to this bad habit, these five useful tips will get you there.

Screen Time Tracker

It’s easier to reduce your screen time when you know how much time you’re spending on social media in the first place. You can probably track screen time for individual apps on your phone, and use this knowledge to change your habits.

No Notification

If you tend to pick up your phone every time you hear your phone ding, you’ll significantly reduce your social media usage by turning the notifications off.

Unfollow & Mute

Unfollow and mute buttons exist for a reason and you should use them to carefully curate your social media feeds and eliminate the accounts that don’t interest you.

Phone Free Time

There’s no need to have a phone by your side every minute or every day. Consider leaving it in another room from time to time, not using it at the table, and keeping it in your pocket when you’re out with friends.

Screen Time Well Spent

Eliminating social media usage doesn’t always mean cutting on screen time. Endless scrolling on Instagram can be replaced with more productive activities, such as reading a book on your phone or listening to a podcast.

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