Tips to Getting Smaller Pores

How To Make Your Pores Seem Smaller

Despite what some marketers would have you believe you can’t actually decrease the size of your pores. Some may find this hard to believe, but the fact is it’s actually about how big your pores appear rather than their actual size. This means that while you can’t actually get smaller pores through the use of skincare products you can use them to make your pores appear smaller.

Tips to Getting Smaller Pores

Use Sunscreen

If you care about your skin, then you should start protecting it from the sun. Direct sunlight can cause all sorts of skin issues, and too much can even loosen your skin and make your pores look larger. Before you go out be sure to put on sunscreen with a decent SPF for the sake of your pores and your overall health.

Tips to Getting Smaller Pores

Make Use of Charcoal

Pores often look larger because of inflammation caused by foreign particles that get into them. You can extract unwanted materials from your pores using charcoal. A face mask or a wash can both get the job done. The charcoal particles attach to oil, grime, and general filth and make it easier to wash away.

Tips to Getting Smaller Pores

Switch To Gentler Wipes

Keeping your skin clean is essential if you want good looking pores, but it’s an unfortunate fact that by trying to hard to clean your skin you can actually cause your pores to look worse. By scrubbing hard with rough wipes, you can actually damage your skin and cause your pores to appear larger than they actually are. Try and switch to soft and smooth wipes that are infused with exfoliating agents. Even after making this switch you should still cut back on wiping your skin with them, scrubbing them just a few times a week rather than every day.

Tips to Getting Smaller Pores

Put On Blur Cream

The trips we’ve looked at so far will help your pores look better with time, but there is one last trick you can try if you want them to look better today. Certain primers can help diminish the appearance of pores. They’re called blur cream, and they essentially fill in and downplay your pores so it’s like you’re “blurring” your face as you might in photoshop. You shouldn’t use blur cream as an excuse to ignore the health of your skin, but it can be a quick fix when you need to look as good as possible as soon as possible.

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