Should You Be Microblading?

Getting an eyebrow tattoo isn’t a choice that you should rush into. No matter how big or small a tattoo you’re planning to get, you should always do your research and get professional advice before committing.

Eyebrow inking, or microblading as it’s more commonly called, is not a relatively new procedure. Permanent makeup has existed since as early as 1930; however, now that cosmetic technology has made great advancements since then, it is now seeing a resurgence in popularity.

Should You Be Microblading?

While we’ve always encouraged natural procedures and appearances, eyebrow tattoos appeals to some people. Taking care of eyebrows can be a real hassle sometimes, over-plucking can cause problems, and eyebrow hair just simply won’t grow in the right shape or places.

Eyebrow tattoo, permanent eyebrow, or cosmetic intradermal eyebrow pigmentation – the procedure generally remains the same- a cosmetic procedure during which permanent inks or pigments are applied directly onto the dermis layer of the skin (i.e. getting a tattoo).

Should You Be Microblading?

When done properly, this application of pigments/inks is meant to simulate the effects of using makeup. All of this may sound a bit extreme when you first think about it, getting an eyebrow tattoo will definitely sound a bit too much. However, for some people, it can be a means of dealing with their pitiful eyebrows or avoid having to spend time applying makeup each day.

After seeking some professional advice and talking to some people who have already experienced the pros and cons of getting their eyebrows tattooed, help yourself out by getting out of the hassle of plucking your eyebrows every single day!

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