Proper Pet Etiquette When Leaving Town

People who love their pets sometimes can have somewhat of a tunnel vision. They can go about their lives believing that everyone else is just as love with their pets as they are, and proceed to engage with them likewise. This is all good and well throughout most day-to-day scenarios—except when it comes to leaving town. If you own a pet, here’s a quick brief on proper pet etiquette that you should know about.

Don’t Assume People Want to Watch Them

It happens all the time. A pet owner assumes that their friends would want to watch their pet. But here’s the thing. Friends may love being your pet’s “uncle” or “aunt”, but that doesn’t mean they have any interest in walking them, feeding them, and picking up after them 24/7. You can ask them to watch your pet, but do so in a respectful way that doesn’t pressure them into making the decision.

Try To Get Multiple Helpers

As you’re trying to find someone to watch your pet, try to find as many people as you can to help out. If one of your friends have graciously agreed to help out, see if there are others who are willing to lend a hand with occasionally walking them. Anything helps, and it’s the least you can do for the person watching the pet, especially if they’re not necessarily big animal lovers.

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