Nordstrom’s New Pop-In Store Allbirds is a Dream Come True

Ever wondered how you could help save the world without the effort?  Well, here is your chance! Nordstrom has recently released a new collection via their Allbirds band. Allbirds is a new footwear fashion pop-in that focuses on creating stylish footwear without causing more harm to the environment.

The concept behind Allbirds was created by a former New Zealand football player and an engineer who has a strong background in renewable technology and sustainability. Some of the materials included in the making of the shoe include New Zealand wool, castor beans, and eucalyptus tree fibers.

Allbirds creates sustainable shoes by taking natural materials and transforming them into comfortable, fashionable shoes. The shoes are known to be lightweight, resistant to moisture, and odor-minimizing!

There are currently 3 styles: the runner, the lounger, and the skipper.

The runner is perfect for active individuals who seek the look of the average sneaker.

The lounger is more of a relaxation shoe with slip-on look.

The skipper, as Allbirds puts it, is ‘a light, low-profile take on the boat shoe’. The shoes are available for both men and women.

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