Mushroom Decor Will Be All the Rage in 2023 & Here’s How You Can Embrace It

2023 is bringing many exciting home décor trends our way and mushroom décor is poised to make a huge comeback. If you’re thinking of welcoming this trend into your home, here are some items with mushroom motifs that you have to buy ASAP.

Funky Mushroom Art

Funky mushroom art is one of Pinterest’s leading home décor trends for 2023—and it’s also the easiest to welcome into your home. You can embrace pretty much any trend by framing some art related to it, but adding ceramic mushroom decorations to the mix is also an option.

Mushroom Lamp

If we had to pick the trendiest mushroom-inspired décor piece on the market, mushroom lamps would certainly make the cut. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and we’ll be seeing them everywhere next year.

Mushroom Pillows

Are you always in the mood to add more pillows to your collection, even though you have more than you can count? If the answer is “yes”, mushroom pillows will be your cup of tea.

Mushroom Tableware

Tableware with mushroom prints is becoming increasingly popular these days and it will give your next dinner a magical feel. Mugs are the most popular option, but you can find everything from plates to bowls with mushroom motifs.

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