Multipurpose Foundation Stick for Flawless Skin on the Go


Many women will tell you it takes time to get that flawless skin look. But it is also very possible on the go – no need to take time out of your schedule for it.

Here are some tips. If you’re prone to oily skin, there are special primers for this. Always keep one in your bag and apply to clean skin. If you’re always moving, keep cleansing wipes in your bag. 

Foundation Tips

If you’re at home, you can apply foundation with your fingers or several brush heads. If you’re moving, get a sponge applicator that’s permanently attached to your foundation, making it impossible to lose. A sponge has the added benefit of absorbing excess oil, unlike a brush or your fingers. 

We recommend trying out foundation sticks, like Maybelline’s SuperStay Multi-Use Foundation Stick – it has everything you need for a foundation on the go. 

Multipurpose Foundation Stick for Flawless Skin on the Go


Highlighter Tips

This should top your list along with a good foundation-and-concealer combo. A powder is better than liquid highlighters. Instead of trying to blend in a cream or lotion, dust your fingers over your cheekbones and brow bones.

Multipurpose Foundation Stick for Flawless Skin on the Go


Contouring Tips

Use the same products to get a fresher look at the end of the day as you did at the beginning. Your foundation stick should be a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone to double as a contouring stick. Draw a line along the edge of the jaw and under your cheekbones. Blend with a light touch using the sponge tip. You’ll enjoy shade variance by leaving more color in these key areas, which is crucial to good contouring.

Multipurpose Foundation Stick for Flawless Skin on the Go

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