Most Popular Gen-Z Podcasts That Are Taking The World By Storm

Let’s talk about what’s been filling up the silence in our commutes, workouts, and chill-out sessions. Hint: it’s not just music. Podcasts have taken center stage and today we’re sharing a few of our favorites. Let’s get into it.

The Daily Zeitgeist

A mix of humor, social commentary, and insightful discussions, The Daily Zeitgeist dives into the day’s top news stories, trends on the internet, and all things pop culture through a critical and often satirical lens. Hosts Jack O’Brien and Miles Gray bring together a variety of guest co-hosts to dissect current events and trends. Together they make sense of the world in a way that’s both engaging and relatable.

Pretty Basic

Pretty Basic is a podcast that feels like a heart-to-heart talk with your best friends. YouTube stars Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz get real about life, love, and everything in between. They share personal stories and insights on navigating adulthood, relationships, and self-care. 

Adulting Like A Mother Father

Hosted by Daniella Monet and Andrew Gardner, Adulting Like A Mother Father is a fresh perspective on what it means to navigate the adult world. From parenthood and personal growth to entrepreneurship and sustainability, this podcast tackles a wide range of topics with honesty and humor. 

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