Modern Ways to Make Money as an Artist

The life of a creative artist isn’t exactly your run-of-the-mill situation. When it comes to formulating a stable career, artists don’t exactly apply to job interviews in the manner that the rest of the world does. Making money is a different beast for them, but it’s actually not impossible. If you’re a musician or artist trying to find ways to make money, here are a few ways to do it in the modern era.


Patreon, or other websites like it, offer artists an interesting way to get money from their fans. Instead of fans paying for artwork or albums individually, they can pay for a monthly service—and in return, the artist gives them content, music, or any other kind of great service they may have to offer.


Fiverr is a great way for talented artists to sell their unique skills for a fee. Whether you’re a session musician or graphic designer, you can do freelance work for clients all around the world. They pay you for a one-time job, and you do the job—it’s really that simple!

Selling Music to Brands

Here’s a money-making method for musicians that hides under the radar: selling music to brands. While it’s a hard field to break into, millions of brands around the world are willing and able to pay producers for music for their commercials that promote their various products.

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