Millenials Have Their Own Color

Every color of every shade and dimension has some sort of emotion that it invokes within people. For example, light blue is a color that is related to calm, relaxation, and serenity. Red is representative of love, passion, and anger. And purple invokes a feeling of royalty, confidence, and power. Pink has always been a pretty popular color in society.

Originally, the color pink was considered to be the “boy’s color”. That is, until Mamie Eisenhower, the First Lady of 1953-1961 decided to rock the color pink with almost everything she wore. Nowadays, it seems as if millennials are just as much in love with the color pink as Mamie Eisenhower was. A new term has even come out to describe this iconic pink color.

“Millennial pink” is the term used to brand the generation that has used the color in new products, trends, fashion, and more. This color pink is prevalent among many products that may be quite surprising. Along with the shoes and jackets and lipsticks that Millennial pink is seen with, some of the other popular items include Millennial pink colored candles, beverages, tumblers, alcohol bottles, backpacks, cookware, prosecco flavored cheeses, and even hair color. That’s right!

Not only is the ombre hair trend in full force, but many adventurous, millenial women have opted to color the ends of their hair with powdery pink shades instead of the typical blonde colors as seen with normal ombres. Millennial pink is a color that will continue to show up in various trends in years to come.

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