Meet Daisy, River Islands Amputee Model

River Island is the latest fashion company to feature disabled children as models in their campaigns. The model is eight-year-old Daisy-May Demetre, a double amputee suffering from a condition involving underdeveloped fibular bones. In the company’s ads, she wears a sporty floral crop top under a mesh white T-shirt and matching leggings.


The fact that she wears two prosthetic blades has not stopped her from doing the things she loves – modeling and hitting the gym with her dad. According to the British retailer employing the child, models are cast based on who is the best fit for a given activity. River Island required a model with lots of energy who looks good in active wear for their latest girls’ line, and Daisy-May was the perfect choice. 


Daisy’s modeling career took off last year, when she signed with Zebedee Management, an agency catering to people with disabilities. She took part in London Fashion Week early this year. In her free time she plays soccer, hits the gym, does cartwheels in the street, and works on her push-up form. 


We are very happy to learn that fashion brands are starting to include disabled models in their campaigns. Last year Cat and Jack, Target’s children’s brand, launched a line of 40 pieces for disabled children, and Tommy Hilfiger launched their spring 2018 campaign for disabled persons in April this year.


That collection expanded upon adaptive designs with details like adjustable hems, magnetic buttons, and Velcro closures. Finally, ASOS debuted a wheelchair-accessible rainproof jumpsuit in July this year. 

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