Making Beeswax Candles At Home

Is there anything more soothing than the warm and gentle glow of a beeswax candle? There is something about these candles that makes them extra-special, with their subtle scent of honey and eco-credentials. If you are interested, you can easily create your own at home, read on for a guide on how to do so.

Buy Beeswax Sheets

You can buy sheets of beeswax from many online retailers and may be able to find them in some shops. Each sheet of beeswax can make one candle, but if you want patterned candles then you will need several sheets to make one candle.

Set Up Your Workstation

To make the candles, as well as the beeswax itself you will need a clean board to work on, clean hands, and wicks (these are also available to buy online).

Make The Candles

To make a candle, place the wick at the edge of the beeswax sheet, then tightly roll it up until you have a candle shape. For patterned candles, lay two or more sheets down on top of each other, with about half an inch of the bottom sheet sticking out above the top. For example, if you had green, pink and black beeswax sheets, you would need to see an inch of green above the pink, and an inch of pink above the black. Place the wick at the side as before, and again tightly roll until you have a candle.

Making these candles is easy, and they look really beautiful in your home. Once you’ve made a few, think about the type of candleholder you need to keep them in, and soon your living space will be beautifully lit and styled.

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