Making a DIY Basil-Based Diffuser

Have you ever found yourself smelling some fresh basil and feeling somewhat overwhelmed with sensory joy? Well, it’s hard to blame you. The rich aroma of this herb, whether homegrown or store-bought, is just too good not to be used for anything other than cooking. This is why you should totally try it as a base for a DIY diffuser! Here’s how to do it.

Extracting Basil Oil

First things first: you must extract the basil oil out of the leaves. To do it, you need to choose a carrier oil first (pretty much any type of oil can do the work). You need to wash the basil leaves, dry them, and crush them to encourage oil release. Next, you’ll have to put them in a clean jar with the carrier oil, seal it, and store it in a dark, cool area for a minimum of 24 hours. Once the storing phase is done, finish things off by straining the mixture (you can now throw away the leaves).

Mixing It Up

After the basil oil extraction is complete, you can move on to mixing it with some other ingredients for your diffuser. You can use distilled water, essential oils, and even vodka! Research some options and decide what speaks to you. Mix the ingredients in a spray bottle, shake thoroughly – and spray it! Satisfaction guaranteed.

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