Macy’s New Clothing Line Is Hijab Friendly

In today’s world with all of the politics going on in regards to various minority groups in the United States and the president’s declaration that many people in America don’t have a right to be here, it is easy to see how a lot of society reacts differently.

Socially progressive individuals show their support for inclusion and acceptance while less accepting groups let racism and  ignorance cloud their judgement. Especially nowadays, intolerance is on the rise. Minorities living in the United State, such as Arabs, are having to experience racism and feeling like they are not worthy, due to some of the remarks made by the over-generalizing statements of the president and many of his followers.

While there is a lot of sadness being experienced by these communities, there are still big forces that are looking to continue along the socially progressive and inclusive trail. One of these major companies is Macy’s. Recently, the company revealed that they were going to release a modest clothing line that is not only fashion forward, but is hijab friendly.

This fashion line was created in a collaborative effort with Lisa Vogl, the founder of the Islamic fashion line, Verona Collection. This new Macy’s line will include trendy yet modest dresses, hand-dyed hijab, blouses, and cute jackets. The line is also pretty affordable while still being high quality and made to maximize comfort. This clothing line will be made available starting on February 15th and will be a refreshing and welcomed brand in the clothing market.

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