Kylie Cosmetics Can’t Get Enough Pop-Culture-Themed Makeup Collections


We can count on such brands as Revolution and ColourPop to grace us with pop-culture-themed collections, but another major player seems to be emerging. Kylie Cosmetics is giving us one pop-culture-themed collection after another this fall, embracing one of the biggest trends in the makeup world.

The Wizard of Oz

Kylie Jenner’s latest makeup collection sees her paying homage to one of her favorite childhood movies—The Wizard of Oz. The products in this line are perfect for welcoming the holiday season because they offer a mix of cheerful colors and adorable packaging with hints of red.


Kylie Cosmetics’ Halloween collections often pay homage to beloved movies and this year was no exception. Her latest Halloween line featured a range of spooky makeup essentials you can use to channel your inner Batman, Catwoman, or even Joker! The packaging was top-notch and it paid homage to the classic Batman comics.

Kris Jenner

Kylie Jenner often collaborated with her family members on her makeup lines, so one could argue this one isn’t pop-culture-themed, but hear us out. Kris Jenner is definitely a pop culture icon, even more so than some of her famous daughters, and she was a star of countless memes, GIFs, and viral moments over the years.