Keep Your Skin Looking Flawless

Ever constantly have blemishes and oily skin regardless of the mass amounts of efforts put in to prevent them? Looking to solve this problem with simple methods than rather having to buy expensive creams and taking tons of medicines? Well, there are plenty of ways to diminish any flaws on or under your skin by changing just a few things in your daily routine by only a little bit. No crazy creams or experiments required!

Keep Your Skin Looking Flawless

Get Plenty of Sleep
First, it is crucial that you make sure to get plenty of sleep. It is recommended to get at least 7 hours of sleep a day so you can wake up feeling refreshed. Those who don’t get the suggested amount of sleep tend to wake up with dark eyes, and can form wrinkles over a period of time.

Only getting 5 hours a night can lead to twice as many fine lines as sleeping 7 would. It also leaves skin drier, which can make lines more visible. Sleep deprivation causes a decrease in blood flow to the skin surrounding your face, creating dull skin, preventing you from a fresh rosy look.

Keep Your Skin Looking Flawless

Use Sunscreen
Although using sunscreen isn’t typical if you’re not actively out in the sun all day, don’t be afraid to apply just a little bit everyday. Regardless of what you’re doing, you most likely go outside everyday whether it’s only a few minutes to get to your car, walk your dog, or retrieve your mail. Sunlight is the cause of at least 80 percent of the signs of visible aging, such as freckling, skin thinning, wrinkles and some facial lines, and can contribute to the development of skin cancer.

Protect your skin daily using “broad-spectrum” sunscreens that block both UVB and UVA light. It is best to avoid direct sunlight during the hours of 10am and 4pm when the UV rays are the strongest. Remember, just because it’s cold or cloudy out doesn’t mean you’re safe from the harmful effects of the sun; damage can still be done.

Keep Your Skin Looking Flawless

Wash Your Face
One important step to remember at night is to wash your face before you go to bed. Washing your face not only remove makeup from the day, but the dirt and dust that has accumulated on your face throughout the day. When you leave your makeup on too long your pores will begin to clog and that can lead to large pores, acne, rashes, and irritated skin. That can also cause our skin to feel rough and uneven.

Your face needs to exfoliate naturally by shedding the dead skin, but if your makeup is left on your face, it does not allow that to happen.That can create a dull appearance, or flaky dry skin that are uneven on your face.

Keep Your Skin Looking Flawless

Moisturize Daily
One very important routine that creates a flawless look involves moisturizing daily. Maintaining the water content of the skin is crucial to maintain healthy skin. Moisturizers slow down water loss through the superficial layers of the skin and strengthen your skin barrier.

Certain moisturizes are specific for making your skin look younger, healthier, brighter, and more even. Others promise to minimize pores or to tighten and tone skin. “The best times to moisturize are right after you get out of the shower and right before you go to bed,” explained Dr. Janet Prystowsky MD, an NYC-based dermatologist. Avoid lotions that contain heavy fragrances and make sure you find a moisturizer gentle enough to prevent any sort of irritation.

Keep Your Skin Looking Flawless

Don’t Pick at Your Face
If you have blemishes on your face, it is important how you handle those blemishes. It is crucial that you do not pick at your pimples. Instead of making progress, you might just end up forcing the bacteria and oil down even further into the skin leading to an even larger pimple. This can cause the pimple to become more red, inflamed, swollen and infected. The more you pick at your face, the more likely you will end up leaving a scar.

Keep Your Skin Looking Flawless

Drink Water
Drinking Water everyday is important when maintaining healthy skin. Without an adequate amount of water, your skin will begin to look less and radiant and you will notice an increasing amount of sag. Water is a perfect replacement for your expensive anti-ageing treatments. It keeps the skin well hydrated and glistening, thereby, enhancing the complexion.For soft and supple skin, drinking an adequate amount of water is more important than applying any type of cream.

While heavy creams and expensive medicines can be a solution to creating flawless skin, there are many natural ways, such as the ones above, that create flawless skin just as well.

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