Joggers Are In

Remember that time when yoga pants were the comfy casual on the go look? They were easy for girls to throw on and still made their butts look good? Well, now joggers have become the newest trend for comfort as well as style. Technically joggers are basically sweatpants, but are tighter around the ankles. The norm is the heavy knit material that sweatpants usually come as, but today joggers are being made in tons of different materials such as linen and leather.

What began as comfy loungewear has now become a fashion statement that can be worn out in public. Many people are replacing them with skinny jeans in an attempt to not sacrifice the comfort you find when wearing them at home.

The slim fit at the ankles mimics the appealing looks that the skinny jean offers. Don’t be intimidated by the cool vibes and street style the other girls give off while wearing them; anyone can rock the look! Just about anything you would wear with your regular jeans, you can wear with joggers.

One major bonus of joggers is you can easily dress them up or down. They look great with a comfy t and a pair of sneaks but equally as wonderful dressed up with some cute heels and a blazer. Knit or cotton joggers give off a more casual look while a leather-like option gives you the chance to dress up a little.

No matter what material you choose it only takes a minimal amount of effort and creativity to make one pair of joggers multi occasional appropriate. Joggers give you the chance to express your personality by the use of patterns and prints and small details such as buttons and zippers.

There’s a limitless amount of patterns and styles right at your fingertips. With all the pluses that joggers have to offer, why not add a pair or two to your wardrobe. They certainly won’t be a regrettable decision and for sure will be worth the investment.

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