Jewelry Styles For Multiple Ear Piercings

The trend for multiple ear piercings – as opposed to just a single lobe piercing in each ear – shows no signs of going away. If you are the proud owner of multiple piercings but feel unsure of how to style them, read on for some key looks and inspiration.

Chic And Classic

Opting for simple studs and classic hoops, in a single shade of silver or gold, is an understated style statement and looks really sophisticated. This look is perfect if you have a job where you need to look smart and serious, and it will also complement any necklaces or bracelets you choose to wear as it is versatile and classic.

Grunge And Glamor

Mixing two different styles on one ear can seem like a challenge, but when done well it can look fantastic. Choose some classic styles, like studs or hoops in gold, silver or steel, then a few crystal studs or hoops to add that touch of sparkle. Finish the look with one or two statement earrings that have an edge, to lend a bit of grunge. This style is perfect for those who have an ever-changing style, as it will suit your prim looks as well as your punky ones!

Clashing Colors

Why not have a rainbow on your ear? Selecting crystal studs in many different shades is a great way to amp up your look, and show off all of your piercings. Clash the colors to make even more of a statement, and add a few dangly earrings or hoops for variation.

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