Jelly Nails: The New Nail Trend Taking Over The Summer

Many insane nail trends have been spotted throughout this year -teeth nails, screw nails and pencil nails to mention only a few- that the vast majority of us would never dare try. Luckily, a new hot trend has been circulating trendy Instagram accounts to save the year: the jelly nails. This is a trend that you would actually want to try on. The jelly nails are slightly see-through and of very vibrant colors: juicy shades of pink, yellow, blue, orange and green.

Even though the jelly nails are being used by many celebrities, according to Hellogiggles, they are relatively easy to accomplish. To nail the translucent jelly nails simply start by sculpting the nail with hard gel (or apply a clear tip) and finish by adding bright nail polish on top.

This new trend of nails is so versatile that you can either choose one single shade for all nails or opt for a rainbow-like style by applying different nail polish shades to every finger.

To get a good idea of what we’re talking about, head over to Instagram and delight yourself with hundreds of options to go for. We recommend, however, you first look for Kylie Jenner’s friend Heather Sanders which dipped her tips in the jelly nail trend with a hot pink mani and added the Nike logo on both of her pinky fingers for a more powerful style.

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