How to Use Pressure Points to Relax

Pressure points are all around your body. On your head, arms, hands, feet, you name it, you will have at least one pressure point there. Pressure points are an extremely easy way to relax, and very convenient because you can do it by yourself, or with someone else if you prefer.

Stimulating the ligaments and muscles in your body can help increase the feeling of peace and euphoria.


One of the most common and well-known pressure points are the ones on your head. Pressing and rubbing your temples, the flat area by your eyes, has been known to cure headaches and decrease stress. Apply pressure to your temples, rub in a circular motion and feel the stress leaving your body.

Right below your head on your neck are several pressure points that are used to release tension and tightness. By pressing the muscles that line both sides of the spine, you help release tension that is caught up in it. Try to avoid putting pressure directly on the spine, just on the muscles surrounding it.

Almost everyone has had some sort of back problem in their life. Working a hard job or just sleeping in a different position can put a strain on your back. By applying pressure to both sides of the spine in the spot between your elbows on your back helps you relax your back.

These pressure points are more enjoyable and easier to practice if someone does it for you. Once again, try to avoid pressing the spine directly and stop once you reach your pelvis.

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