How To Use Dried Flowers To Change Up Your Space

Sometimes, we want to change up our home interior, but finances or time put a stop to more ambitious plans. If you’re itching to change up your space, without spending a lot of time or money on it, dried flowers and plants can be used as eye catching center pieces or as pretty decorations around different rooms. Check out these ways in which dried plants have been used to change up spaces.

Decorative Wreath

Whilst wreaths are most often associated with Christmas, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a dried floral wreath year round. Because the flowers are dried, you don’t need to worry about leaves or petals dropping, and there’s no watering involved! Hang the wreath on an internal door, or from a bookshelf to create a stunning decoration.

Minimalist Bouquet

The shades and tones of dried plants are much more subtle than fresh, so if you prefer muted colors a dried bouquet is a great option. Like the wreath, there’s no need to fret about watering or feeding these flowers, although you may want to place the vase out of direct sunlight to protect further fading or drying.

Jarred Decorations

Placing your dried flowers and plants in jars can be a great way to create an interesting display for very little cost. Combine different colors and tones to create contrast within your display, and select large, clear jars to show off the dried flowers to the greatest effect.

Dried flowers and plants can create wonderful interior decorations, so invest in a few key pieces to start using them in your home.

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