How To Take Up Art As A Hobby

Painting and drawing are one of the best ways to relax and focus on the world around us, but all too many of us are put off by feeling like we’re not good enough at drawing. Don’t let this put you off, here are three tips on developing art as a hobby so that you can get all the benefits from experimenting with watercolors, pastels and pencils.

Buy A Sketch Book

The first step is to buy a sketch book for yourself. Owning a sketch book helps you to identify as an artist, and gives you a place to jot down any ideas, doodles or sketches. Opt for a smaller version so that you can carry it with you and transport it easily.

Embrace All Forms Of Art

Sometimes, we’re reluctant to paint or draw because the art we’ve been exposed to is of a traditional or classical style, which prioritizes accurate and realistic portrayals of objects and people. Go to a gallery and seek out the abstract, naive and surrealist works which can introduce you to new ways of doing art.

Practice Every Day

Like any skill, art needs to be practiced regularly so that you can improve and develop your work. Carve some time out of each day so that you can work on your drawing, painting, modelling, or whatever it is you’re working on artistically.

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