How To Take A Mini-Break In Your Own City

If your financial situation or remaining vacation allowance is tight but you feel like you really need a break, there are ways to reset and refresh without even leaving your city. Whether it’s about changing up your routine, seeing things from a new perspective or taking some time for yourself, here are three ways to treat yourself to a mini-break in your own hometown.

Try Something New

Whether you try out a new place to eat, go to see a film you wouldn’t normally watch, or mix up your exercize routine by adding in a swim, trying a new activity can sometimes be enough to refresh your mind and energize your body. Sometimes, the fear of the new or unknown can hold us back, but once you try one new thing this can lead to wanting to try more, and often this is a positive step in terms of getting out of a rut and having more fun.

Do Something Alone

If you’re always relying on friends or a partner to come along to an art gallery or music event with you, going alone can make it feel more like me-time. You don’t need to worry about anyone else’s wants or needs, so you can please yourself – if, after half an hour in the art gallery, you fancy a coffee and cake, go for it! Sometimes, we feel like we need a break because we’re socially and emotionally exhauste. Spending some quality time with yourself can help to reset.

Practice Some Mindful Observing

It may sound strange, but visiting somewhere you know well and trying to see it in a new way can help you to feel more energized, content and refreshed. A great place to do this is the local park, because being in nature always improves our mental health. Sit for a while without any distractions like your phone or a book, and really notice your surroundings. You might be drawn to observing other people, the clouds in the sky or the movement of the trees – whatever it is, let yourself sit with it for a while and see if practicing this mindful observation changes how you feel.

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