How To Spot Damaged Skin Barrier And Fix It

The skin barrier—the outermost layer of your skin—is vital for protecting your skin against irritants and bacteria while retaining moisture and keeping you looking your best. Unfortunately, no matter how durable it is, your skin barrier is not invincible. Here is how if your skin barrier is damaged and how you can fix it if this is the case.

How to Spot Damaged Skin Barrier

Typically, a damaged skin barrier is instantly recognizable when flaky and dry. Still, being flaky and oily is another sign depending on your skin type. Redness, itching, and skin tightness are also warning signs.


Firstly, using a gentle cleanser can help, as this will keep your skin moisturized without causing any damage. Using antioxidants every morning is also recommended, given that they can protect your skin from free radicals that break down the skin and cause wrinkles. Another easy measure is to manage your sun exposure. Make sure to apply a strong sunscreen of SPF 30 or more when you do go in the sun, but don’t spend too much time outdoors during the heat of the day.

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