How To Shift Towards A Fall Wardrobe

Although it may feel like summer has only recently got started, all too soon fall will be here. But there’s no need to feel gloomy as the evenings close in – view this as a chance for a chic wardrobe update, and you will find plenty of reasons to enjoy the cooler months. Here are some top tips for starting the transition early, whilst still making use of your summer clothes.

Summer Dress Refresh

You can still wear that silk or cotton dress you’ve been wearing all summer, but now is the time to layer it over a fine knit or t-shirt, and pair it with some chunky boots to get the fall vibes going. Not only is this outfit as comfortable as your breezy summer wear, but it will also keep you cool in case the sun makes an autumnal appearance. As the nights close in, throw a denim or leather jacket over the dress, for cool and casual vibes.

Don’t Ditch The Cami

There’s no need to swap out sleeveless tops as the weather draws in. Pair your silk cami or cotton top with pants, rather than shorts or a skirt. Again, a thinner jacket such as one made from denim can keep the chill off if the mercury really starts to drop.

Knee High Socks

Pulling on the first pair of tights of the season can feel like you’re admitting defeat. Stave off this moment, by trying out knee-high socks. These can look great with ankle boots, worn under a midi-length skirt so that just a hint of skin is showing. Don’t pull them all the way up to your knees, bring them to the mid-calf and then roll over the top for a casual look.

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