How To Rock Kim K’s Wavy Hair Look

The beauty mogul and reality star have exchanged her straight locks for luscious waves, which look so great that everyone’s wondering what her secret is. She’s worn them at several recent events, including the Louis Vuitton menswear show in Paris, BeautyCon L.A., and the official opening of her pop-up shop KKW.

The Secret to the Look

How To Rock Kim Ks Wavy Hair Look

You’d be surprised to know that the secret to her beachy waves is a well-priced hair product called Dream Coat for Curly Hair, made by Color Wow. This is the latest release by the hair-care brand, a product Kardashian’s hairstylist Chris Appleton swears by.

This combination between an oil, a gel, and a serum costs just $24, so it seems Kim’s amazing look is quite attainable. The product comes in a spray bottle containing a lightweight, water-based formula that creates frizz-free curls without making your hair feel crunchy. The formula also protects your hair from rain, so it won’t get fizzy in wet or humid weather.

Creating the Hairstyle

How To Rock Kim Ks Wavy Hair Look

To get Kim’s look, spray Dream Coat all over your hair right after washing it – your locks need to be completely covered with the product.

Then, take two-inch sections beginning at the nape of the neck and twist each from the root to the end to form the curls. Finish by drying your hair with a diffuser on a low air setting at high heat to control your curls as the pattern sets.


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