How to Organize Your Closet When it Starts Overloading

If you’re sentimental about your wardrobe, then you’ll no doubt understand the struggle of deciding what clothes to get rid of when you start to run low on space. Here are some of the ways that you can organize your closet when it starts overloading.

Let It Go

While it’s difficult to part ways with your old clothes, it’s worthwhile to consider how often you wear each outfit. For those that you don’t wear anymore, it may be best to either donate them, sell them, or throw them away so that you can make room for new clothing.

Add A Second Closet Bar

If you’re bent on maximizing closet space without getting rid of old clothes, add another bar for long-hanging. This will double your clothing capacity in this section.

Leave The Closet

If your closet is close to full capacity, take a look at some other storage options. If you normally hang certain tops and shorts, maybe fold some of them and place them in a drawer to free up some space.

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