How to Make the Most of the Natural Light in a Room 

There are so many factors to consider when thinking about the interior design of our home spaces. Something that plays a huge part in the ambiance of a room is the amount of natural light. While we often don’t have the option to change this in itself, there are things we can do to make the most of the existing natural light. Here are some ideas. 

Place a Large Mirror in the Room

Mirrors are a great choice for interior design as they serve so many purposes. Of course, there’s the benefit of having a reflection to check up on, and they also bring a sense of elegance and grandiosity to a room. But they’re also ideal for bouncing the natural light in a room out into the whole space. Ideally, you’ll place the mirror on a wall at head height in the center of the room where it can reflect any sources of natural light. 

Choose Light Colors Near the Windows

You’d be surprised how much a small splash of dark color can change the overall image. Opt for lighter fabrics when you’re concerned about natural light, especially around the source of the light. Choose a light fabric for curtains and a nice pale wall color. This will allow the light to spread out across the room uninterrupted. 

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