How To Help Your Aloe Vera Plant Thrive

Known for having medicinal properties, aloe vera is also an attractive plant that will be sure to beautify your home. Here are some key tips to help you ensure that your aloe vera plant grows and thrives.

Give It Light

Aloe vera plants love sunlight, however, it should be indirect. This is because too much light can burn the leaves. Place your plant next to south- or west-facing windows for the best results.

Temperature Is Key

These plants are very particular about the temperature they require. While able to cope with average humidity, aloe vera plants prefer being in areas with low humidity with temperatures ranging from 65°F to 75°F.

Combatting Infestation

While some plants don’t mind being home to bugs, aloe vera is not one of them. These plants do not cope well with insects as they often suck out sap and juices from the leaves. The best way to combat an infestation is to rub alcohol or pesticide on the leaves as protection.


If you’re looking for an easy plant to raise, then the aloe vera is not for you. For promising growth, this plant requires a liquid or slow-release fertilizer during the spring months.

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