How To Guide For The Perfect Leather Jacket

A classic leather jacket is a must-have accessory this year. Dress it up, dress it down, your leather jacket will never lead you astray. Choosing your jacket though should be a thoughtful and methodical process. Get it right and you’ll never need another one again.


Your jacket will say a lot about you, so think carefully when choosing the style. Things can go the direction of coked out rock stars with skinny jeans and boots or bulk out for a more Kanye feel.

How To Guide For The Perfect Leather Jacket

The Fit Matters Most

Whatever style you go with, its the fit that will make the real difference. Nothing baggy and do not let the shoulders hang over.

How To Guide For The Perfect Leather Jacket

Skin This

Look and comfort needs to combine perfectly with your choice of skin. There’s a lot to choose from, so take the time to shop around. See how things feel, how they look and research how the skin type stands up to wear and tear.

How To Guide For The Perfect Leather Jacket

Grain and Tanning  

Say what? The grain is how thick the leather is cut, is it thin and from the surface only or cut deeper into the skin. Tanning is the process by which the leather is cured and will determine whether it’s glossy or matte, smooth or with a rougher finish. Small elements that still matter, so keep an eye out for these details.

How To Guide For The Perfect Leather Jacket

The Finishing Touch

Rivets, belts, buckles, and zippers! Tiny details that can make or break a good jacket. Are you looking for something heavy on the metal? In gold or silver? These are the little details that showcase your personality.

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