How To Do Hyperextension Exercises For A Healthy Back

Hyperextension workouts are highly effective at keeping you flexible and supple. The only risk, however, is that you can injure your back if you don’t do these exercises correctly. Here are some safe hyperextension exercises to do that will challenge you while keeping your back comfortable and healthy.

Glute Kickbacks

Start on your hands and knees and, while keeping your right leg bent at a 90-degree angle, lift your left knee up off the floor, keeping a 90-degree bend in that leg as well. Once your left leg is in line with your torso, lower back down.

Glute Bridges

Lie on the floor or your yoga mat and bend both knees, placing your feet flat on the floor. Make sure your arms are flat at your sides and lift your hips off the floor, keeping your chest low and using your hips to drive the motion. Lower back down and repeat.

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