How to Curate Your Ear Piercings for a Chic and Cool Look

Getting your ears pierced is only the first step in your ear-jewelry journey. If you’re going for more than one piercing in each ear, you’ll need to consider how you want to curate your overall look. Some people opt for dainty and pretty studs, others choose hoops, but there’s no reason to be held back—curating your ear piercings is one place where you can unleash your creativity and express your own style. Check out this guide on how to get you started when it comes to curating your ears.

Balance Inner And Outer Piercings

If you want to, getting some piercings done on the inside of your ear – on the tragus, rook or daith – can help balance out those going around the outside of the lobe and cartilage. Do be aware, inner ear piercings can be painful and take a while to heal, but if you persevere you can end up with some stunning options for curating your finished look.

Combine Hoops And Studs

For a pretty, balanced look, combining ear studs with hoops can be a great way to go. Some people choose to make an impact by opting for all studs or hoops, but generally a combination of the two looks more interesting and considered. Start off with smaller, delicate hoops if you have concerns that they will look too chunky in your ears.

Gem It Up

Gemstone earrings are a great way to vary your look and draw attention to your ears. Experiment with different stones in an array of colors, or stick to one tone to keep your ear curation looking coherent and complete. Neutral gems such as opals work great with silver and gold toned jewelry, so you will be able to mix and match around your gemstone earrings.

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